TECHLOGIC has been a pioneer in data recovery since 2001. We have over 1000 customers spread across 10 countries. We have received excellent feed back for our hard disk recovery services from our customers and are recognized as a leader in data recovery in India

Why should you send your hard disk to TECHLOGIC ?

- The benefits in sending your hard disk to us includes

Best-in-Class Data Recovery

Our advanced techniques and methodologies allow us to perform complex hard drive recoveries, even on extremely damaged hard drives.

Recovery Options

In-Lab or On-Site recovery services, plus a variety of turnaround times to suit your requirements.

Success Rate

TECHLOGIC data recovery success rate is proven by a consistent track record of recovering data after failed recovery attempts by other data recovery companies.

Free Advice and Consultation

TECHLOGIC Data Recovery provides free consultation to determine the best course of action without requiring any further obligation or financial commitment.

Fixed Cost

TECHLOGIC will quote you an exact price for the recovery of your data before you send your job to us. This will be the price we charge you. There are no hidden extras.

Customer Services

TECHLOGIC dedicated Customer Service team will keep you informed of the progress of your job and are available 7 days a week.


TECHLOGIC provides you 100% confidentiality by default