About Us

TECH LOGIC was formed in 2000 with a vision of providing complete solution for storage devices in the computing world. We have an office area of 2400 sq.ft. at a prime location in the Silicon Valley of India - Bangalore. Apart from the Bangalore office, we have offices in Mumbai, and Chennai. We have affiliates over seas with branches in Italy, Mexico, Nigeria, Iran, England and the USA.

We have over 8 years experience in data recovery in both logical and physical recoveries. And also we are having clean room facility to open the media of the hard disk where we perform read/write head replacement as well as plotter cloning and we will replace the motor depending on the hard disk conditions.

Our success ratio is

High rate of success in data recovery, has fetched TECHLOGIC the respect of not only our customers but also the data recovery community in entire world.

Success rate in Logical Crashes - 95-100%

Success rate in Physical Crashes -80- 95%( depends on the spares)

Free Analysis of your media

For all of our Customers, corporate, government, non-profit, students or individuals, we provide free evaluation with no hidden costs and we will inspect the drives or any media as and when we receive to our lab and update the status immediately after we receive the drive with in four hours of time we will update the status.

Guaranty of data recovery

All data recovery is subject to media conditions and depending on the problems found can affect the quality of the recovery. Thus, there is no 100% guarantee of recovery. To limit the risk we share it with out clients by separating the cost into 2 fees, an attempt fee and a recovery fee. The attempt fee is (?) and is due on approval of the recovery. The recovery fee is only required before data can be released. So, if the data is unacceptable, there are no other costs. We want only happy clients.