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Companies manufacture new and advanced gadgets every day. How often do you change your mobile phone or upgrade to the latest laptop just because you find it cooler than the older version? Have you ever wondered what happens to your old devices when you finish with them? Though every individual is free to change their laptop, cell phone, television set, or any other electronic item for that matter, tossing it into the garbage bin is not the correct way to dispose it. This will only increase e-waste, which has hidden dangers. Additionally, such habits beg for an effective mechanism to recycle this e-waste

In accordance with the National Environmental Policy (NEP) and to address sustainable development concerns, there is a requirement to facilitate the recovery and/or reuse of useful materials from waste generated from a process, and/or from the use of any material, thereby reducing the wastes destined for final disposal and to ensure environmentally sound management of all materials requiring disposal.

Techlogic an authorized e-Waste recycling organization having 15yrs of experience and expertise and one of the pioneers in the industry. Vast knowledge and practical solutions as one stop make us prideful and our state-of-the art technology provide customized solutions at all the corners of e-Waste Management issues.

Techlogic working with informal sector many years to transform their life into a formal and secure way, strongly believe that this is our social responsibility, and we provide many possible opportunities to willing unorganized people and accommodate few of them as our core employees at collection centres across India.

Techlogic India manages and operates the Producer Responsibility Organization to provide producers a sustainable, reliable and efficient option to comply with their extended producer obligations as prescribed in the CPCB's Implementation Guidelines for E-waste (Management) Rules, 2016.

The broader, specific objectives of the PRO are to:

  • Develop a fair, open, transparent and non-discriminatory basis for sustainable collection and recycling systems
  • Promote and encourage the EEE recycling industry to adopt internationally harmonized recycling standards and best practices
  • Foster an environment of partnership and collaboration between the formal recyclers and informal waste collectors.

Our services are:

  • To provide an extended producer's responsibility plan as legally required.
  • To facilitate channelization of e-waste including the collection and environmentally sound recycling of electrical and electronic equipment according to the member producers' obligations.
  • To develop and roll out public awareness initiatives and campaigns to promote the program and enhance the disposal of equipment through our own special program designs.
  • To advise members on compliance obligations under the legislative regulations

Our awareness program educates Indian consumers on the impact of electronic waste and benefits of professional recycling of electronic and electric equipment while providing an option to dispose them in a responsible way.

The programme aims to create effective awareness in various levels (of society) to reduce adverse impact on environment and health arising out of the polluting technologies used in recycling e-waste in the unorganized sector