Tape Library

We repair all major tape drive brands from Cipher, Dell, Exabyte, Fujitsu, HP, IBM, Quantum, Seagate, Sony, and all others.

Our technicians thoroughly inspect by initial tear down and cleaning, then replacing and repairing worn, defective parts. Once our repair process is completed, a final bench test is ran using factory test specifications to insure the highest quality of tape drive repair.

TECHLOGIC stands behind our tape drive repairs with a 3-month warranty on parts and labour. We can often times offer an exchange if you need a replacement tape drive overnight. Our normal tape drive repair time is 5-7 days and we can offer a 2-3 day expedited service.

The tape is an important part in the computer industry. This is the most type of the storage device. The tape is basically a magnetic storage device. The tape is used for the storage of the data. Presently the market has taken the space for the hard disk drives in contrast with the tape drives. The tape drives are there from at least half a century or so. The tapes where first used in the early 1950's. The most important reason for the usage of the tape drive is cost effectiveness. It is much cheaper than the other storage media. Usually used for the back up or archival of the data. The capacity of the tape is much higher. And it still considered as the reliable efficient form of data storage. The storage system that was first implemented was on the reel to reel systems. This utilized the linear method of recording known as the serpentine. Later in the following years the open reel systems changed to the closed or single serpentine recording.

TECHLOGIC can recover the data from any tape media even if it is fungus infected , or flooded tape medias and some extent physical damaged medias too.

We've been in the business of tape recovery from the beginning, since 2000 and still going now. Our professional services have been sought repeatedly by some of our oldest customers, who still come to us for reliable and guaranteed recovery services at great value.

Our capabilities in Tape Recovery Services include

We support all manufacturers of Tapes including Imation, Fuji, HP, Maxell, Quantum, Sony, TDK, Compaq etc.

  • DLT III, DLT IV, DLT-1 and Super DLT tapes up to 220GB capacity.
  • LTO Ultrium tapes up to 200GB capacity.
  • 4mm DAT format DDS, DDS-2, DDS-3 and DDS-4 tapes up to 40GB capacity.
  • Exabyte 8mm 112m and 160m tapes and Mammoth (Exabyte 8900) up to 40GB capacity.
  • Seagate AIT and AIT-2 tapes up to 100GB capacity.
  • Travan TR-1, TR-3, TR-4 and TR-5 tapes up to 20GB capacity.
  • IOmega┬« Ditto 2GB QIC tapes.
  • QIC Mini-Cartridges DC2000-DC2120 with 40, 80MB and 250MB capacity.

We've dealt with most causes of tape backup system data Loss like

  • Tape drive failure has corrupted tape headers.
  • Tape media stretched or snapped.
  • Fire or water damage.
  • Media surface contamination and damage.
  • Accidental reformatting or erasure of tape.
  • Accidental overwriting of headers.
  • Tape backup software corruption.